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Dear customers
Welcome to YUZUAN

In our restaurant we provide a cuisine that prize the Japanese tradition.
From selected stuffs, we made a cuisine by keeping their natural tastes, as a very delicious form.
The “Shojin-kaiseki” is our recommendation
which is made of vegetables (no meat, no fish).
We are also ready to make a cuisine without allergic things.

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All our cuisines are in form of course (no a la carte menu).
*All prices are without tax, and booking is requested all cources.


Restaurant YUZUAN

3-80-1 Sakura-zaka Chuo-ku Fukuoka-City

24 minutes
from Hakata Bus Terminal.
Hakata Bus Terminal

37 minutes
from Fukuoka Airport Station.
Fukuoka Airport Station

22 minutes
from Tenjin Station (Subway Line).
Tenjin Station


Booking or Inquiry.
We are always looking forward to your visit.



We also make the Bentoh (to go).
Booking is requested before three days.
The Bentoh is sent only in the area of Fukuoka City (not in Fukuoka Prefecture).

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